About Us

Strategy of Eco Index Agro Solutions Limited

Our strategy is to be efficient in constituting effective working teams of self-motivated professionals and staff with the qualities to develop or provide cost effective practical and sustainable solutions to agricultural challenges that affect productivity and therefore food security.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leader in the provision of practical solutions to challenges in agriculture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer effective partnership with strategic stakeholders involved in agriculture aimed at providing sustainable cost effective solutions to challenges that affect agricultural productivity using participatory approaches.

Get to know us better.

Eco Index Agro Solutions Limited is a Ghanaian company formed after careful consideration
and evaluation of agricultural activities of Ghanaian farmers. As the name of the company
indicates, the company was formed to help farmers address some of the important challenges
that reduce their productivity. Eco Index Agro Solutions Limited was registered as a
company in March 2017. In terms of age, Eco Index Agro Solutions Limited appears as a
young company. However, the depth of experience of the Board of Directors and the
Managing Director of the company compensates strongly making the company a very
efficient and capable entity.

Eco Index Agro Solutions Limited is strongly related to a number of very successful
companies including Strategic Security Systems. Eco Index (as the company is affectionately
called) therefore has access to very reliable infrastructure, equipment, logistic support and
other critical support systems available in these companies.

Fundamentally, Eco Index is concerned with identification of serious challenges that affect
productivity of farmers with the aim of providing appropriate practical solutions. Eco Index is
very interested in the provision of ecologically sound solutions that help farmers improve
their productivity and food security in a very sustainable manner. The company is well
staffed with very experienced technical men (Agronomists and Protectionists) with several
years of experience in food production and extension delivery and very dedicated team of
administrative personnel. The staff is led by the Managing Director, Dr. Emmanuel Moses.
Dr. Moses has a Masters Degree in Microbiology and a Ph.D degree in Plant Pathology. He
worked as a Research Scientist for nearly 20 years at CSIR- Crop Research Institute, Ghana.
A number of agricultural technologies in use in Ghana and some parts of the world can be
credited to Dr. Moses.

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